Our Story

Overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean under the protective shade of a native ohi'a forest, our family tends our coffee, avocado, and fruit trees.  Living on a farm on the Big Island of Hawaii is filled with daily tasks.  Rather than a work schedule, it is a lifestyle that weaves together work, play, food, family, and nature.

Luana Farm is run with earth-friendly practices.  Our goal is to create a more environmentally responsible, sustainable, and diverse farm. Renewable energy systems, soil building, and "beyond organic" farming allow us to be good stewards of the land.

Luana Farm has more than 4,000 coffee trees, 200 Sharwil avocado trees, and several different tropical fruit trees.  We love the rollinias with their soft, lemon custard centers, the musky taste of a Surinam cherry, and the sweetest oranges that with one bite sold the property for us.  Star fruit, apple bananas, jaboticaba, pomelos, lemons, bread fruit, lulos, passion fruit, and macadamia nut trees provide us abundantly.

For the past 6 years, our family has enjoyed this property.  There is a true sense of purpose and accomplishment at Luana Farm.  We have enjoyed building the gardens and orchards, caring for the animals, learning about homesteading, and establishing a new business. Currently, we are investing more and more time into our growing natural skin care company, Luana Naturals.  We realize that you cannot do it all. 

Currently, Luana Farm is on the market. Our hope is that we can share the beauty of a simple Hawaii lifestyle with the next family who will love the property and enjoy developing a business of their own.